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Raffles Paint R.One is Singapore’s First 2 in 1 paint and primer with advance washability technology. It offers superb washability and coverage, excellent adhesion, good alkaline and efflorescence resistance durability and nearly no paint odour. offers maximum resistance to water streaking, covers hairline cracks and has remarkable hiding power to deliver truer and vibrant colours in fewer coats.

Does not contain Formaldehyde & Phenol Ethoxylate, lead, mercury, ammonia and heavy metals. Safe option for all your painting applications.


  • Singapore’s First 2 in 1 Paint & Primer
  • Singapore Green Label Certifie
  • Probably the Best Hiding Paint in Singapore
  • High washability and resist wear after repeated cleaning
  • Remarkable hiding power. Fewer coats to deliver truer more vibrant colours.
  • Low spattering & Excellent Adhesion
  • Superb alkaline & efflorescence resistance
  • Cover hairline cracks
  • Superior water resistance
  • Nearly Zero Paint Odour
  • Non-toxic, does not contain Formaldehyde, Phenol Ethoxylate, Lead, Ammonia, Mercury and Heavy metals
  • Easy to apply without water dilution​
  • Luxurious soft sheen finish.
  • Anti-Fungus & Anti-Mould properties.



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R.One is Singapore’s First 2 in 1 Paint and Primer with advance washability technology. It has superb washability and coverage , excellent adhesion, good alkaline and efflorescence resistance , high performance durability ,nearly no paint odour and nearly almost zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Another Singapore Green Label Certified Product by Raffles Paint providing premium environmentally friendly paints to you.

Application method: Brush, roller or spray

Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Re-coat after 6-12 hours

Sizes: 1L,5L

Approx coverage: 10-12 sqm/L

Note: Coverage will depend on substrate and application method

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1L, 5L, 20L


Ingenue (RP 10-5), Gardenia (RP 13-5), Minted Lemon (RP 2-1), Intimate White (RP 5-1), Venus Light (RP 72-1), Clover Petal (RP 13-4), Lime Bubble (RP 61-1), Silent Bliss (RP 151-1), Cruising (RP 72-6), Leaflet (RP 65-6), Delicate Spikes (RP 61-2), Prairie Peach (RP 147-2), Bleached Leather (RP 36-2), Young Shoot (RP 62-3), Party Mint (RP 69-6), Snow White (RP 3-2), Reserved White (RP 14-1), Almond Chip (RP 11-3), Blue Essence (RP 11-3), White Lace (RP 4-3), Violet Whisper (RP 9-1), Basic Ivory (RP 28-1), Fragile Blue (RP 75-1), Swan Wing (RP 3-3), Jane's Grey (RP 49-1), Ramie (RP 27-2), Winter Day (RP 80-6), Creamy White (RP 2-5), Sea Salt (RP 52-1), Sampler Stitch (RP 38-2), Stilleto Grey (RP 51-2), Sugar Pink (RP 6-5), Bare Blush (RP 5-4), Soothing Blue (RP 11-2), Sun Glint (RP 1-5), Angelic Pink (RP 6-4), White Dawn (RP 7-2), Wisteria White (RP 8-6), Health Yellow (RP 58-1), Musing (RP 98-1), Fairy Breath (RP 96-1), Rose Thought (RP 95-1), Slight Embrace (RP 58-2), Fruity Flavor (RP 98-2), Pink Posy (RP 94-2), Caramel Cream (RP 148-2), Orchid Scent (RP 8-5), Velvet Touch (RP 9-5), Blue Trace (RP 10-1), Laguna Mist (RP 11-4), Snowball (RP 89-1), Lilac Whisper (RP 87-1), Mermaid Flower (RP 74-1), Summer Day (RP 10-4), Violet Petal (RP 89-2), Cool Lilac (RP 86-6), Summer Ice (RP 122-1), Royal Mist (RP 87-6), Composed (RP 77-2), Blue Note (RP 74-6), River Walk (RP 72-5), Willow Wisp (RP 64-5), Creeping Willow (RP 112-3), Bleached Leather (RP 36-2), Persian Blue (RP 73-3), Shallot Shoot (RP 66-5), Wainscot Trim (RP 42-3), Potentilla (RP 58-3), Colonial Rose (RP 96-3), Buffy Orange (RP 98-3), Hillside Bloom (RP 99-3), Bouquet Violet (RP 89-5), Blue Pillow (RP 76-6), Spring Vigor (RP62-4), Evergold (RP 60-4), Daffodil (RP 101-5), White


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