Nippon Paint Mozzie Guard


Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is a special coating with insecticide encapsulated in the polymer for interior use. The active ingredient within the paint enters the Aedes aegypti mosquito when it lands on the painted surface and disrupts the Aedes aegypti mosquito’s nervous system, leading to paralysis and mortality. By covering more surfaces with MozzieGuard, the probability of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes landing on the paint film becomes higher, which increases the chance of knockdown on contact. MozzieGuard is a safe option, other than NEA Mozzie Wipeout campaign, to fend off the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that spread dengue and Zika and provide protective benefits to you and your family.


  • Excellent knockdown property against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes on contact
  • Durable & washable film
  • Good stain resistance
  • Good fungus & mould resistance
  • Good hiding
  • Free from lead and mercury, Low Odour
  • Easy application and touch-up
  • DEET- Free
  • NEA registered

Please refer to the description below to view the color charts.

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Color Category

Yellows & Oranges, Blues & Greens, Pinks & Reds, Purples & Blues, Off Whites, Neutrals & Greys

Colour Names

NP0 OW1041P Sweet Wreath, NP R1306P Sweet Deal, NP OW1043P Light Laurels, NP R1313P Too Shy, NP R1264P Girlish Giggle, NP R1278P Wisely Pink, NP R1305P Warley Rose, NP R1311P Pink Berret, NP R1268D Fire Princess, NP R1274A Fashion Red, NP R1296D Exotic Bloom, NP R1303D Hot Shot, NP R1260A Sashay Red, NP R1288A Drama Red, NP R1337A Keepsake Red, NP R1295A Fascination, NP R1266T Strawberry Ice, NP R1282D Zinnia Scarlet, NP R1294T Bubblegum Pink, NP R1304T Pink Rally, NP R1276P Candy Shoppe, NP R1279P Sweet Marionette, NP R1293P Sweethearts, NP R1307P Good Fortune, NP OW1040P Felicia Rose, NP R1271P Home Sweet Home, NP R1292P Blusher, NP R1312P Crystal Pink, NP N1830p Foggy Green, NP N1852P Birch Patina, NP N1866P Old Pub, NP N1867P Tavern Buff, NP N1822T Wood Box, NP N1853T Curling Bark, NP N1868T Stairstep, NP N1861T Handpainted, NP N1856D Firewood, NP N1863D Morsels, NP N1869A Friar Tuck, NP N1883A Saddle Brown, NP N1837P Healing Touch, NP N1857T Shipsgate, NP N1843T Pastry Puff, NP N1860P Light Mcintosh, NP N1831P Almond Chip, NP N1817P Pebble Walk, NP BGG1718P Hunny Hut, NP N1859P Wispy Bits, NP N1880P Nature Walk, NP OW1053P Remembrance, NP N1991P Gray Glove, NP N2041P Gray Ashes, NP N1903T Warm Knit, NP N2007P Steel Sting, NP N2045T Smoking Gray, NP N2036D Millenium Gray, NP N1911D Nat King Cole, NP N1989D Silhouette Gray, NP N1926D Serendipitous, NP N2031D Hardware Gray, NP N1884D Old Boots, NP N2046P Gray Dolphin, NP N2042P Dinosaur Gray, NP N2032P Gray Shirt, NP N1922P Enchanted State, NP OW1087P Gray Drops, NP OW1084P White Concrete, NP OW1083P Reticent White, NP OW1001P Whispering White, NP OW1003P Hush White, NP OW1019P Soft Pulp, NP OW1022P Peach Pinch, NP OW1002P Snow White, NP OW1006P Soft Flutter, NP OW1023P Bare Blush, NP OW1026P Timid Pink, NP OW1017P Swan Wing, NP OW1004P White Lace, NP OW1025P Bare toes, NP OW1033P Sugar Pink, NP OW1015P Gossamer White, NP OW1021P Swanlike, NP OW1020P Ultra Smooth, NP OW1037P Pink Cloud, NP OW1018P Cotton Bud, NP OW1011P Soft Tissue, NP OW1009P Peaceful White, NP OW1082P Ash White, NP OW1016P Creamy White, NP OW1014P Daisy White, NP OW1010P Walden White, NP OW1085P Violet Whisper, NP OW1027P Autumn White, NP OW1042P Restful, NP OW1066P Mint Scent, NP OW1065P Cool Hint, NP OW1036P White Dawn, NP OW1045P Soft Marion, NP OW1068P Blue Swirl, NP OW1070P Sea Breeze, NP OW1038P Penelope Pink, NP OW1032P Lullaby, NP OW1057P Soothing Blue, NP OW1069P Slight Wift, NP OW1046P Wisteria White, NP OW1051P Velvet Touch, NP OW1058P Blue Vision, NP OW1077P Gardenia, NP OW1048P Orchid Garden, NP OW1050P White Lilac, NP OW1056P Laid Black, NP OW1073P Green Pass, NP OW1060P Sprizzle, NP OW1059P Blue Trace, NP OW1072P Clear Day, NP BGG1677P Sheer Green, NP BGG1577P Mediterranean Seas, NP BGG1599P Seaside Lodge, NP BGG1621P Amenity, NP BGG1686T Limerick, NP BGG1570T Blue Spell, NP BGG1595T Set Sail, NP BGG1623T Spun Green, NP BGG1687A Acid Lime, NP PB1527D Founder Blue, NP BGG1597D Aegean Sea, NP BGG1793D Green Pod, NP BGG1737D Green Mile, NP PB1525T Barbara Blue, NP BGG1605T Lush, NP BGG1777T Aquarius Green, NP BGG1729A Campus Green, NP BGG1566P Winning Streak, NP BGG1606P Green Rhythm, NP BGG1657P Leaflet, NP BGG1768P Hidden Green, NP BGG1571P Blue Instinct, NP BGG1600P Pool Party, NP BGG1656P Floating Leaves, NP OW1075P Clover Petal, NP R1335P Tickle Pink, NP PB1410P Artpiece, NP PB1446P Early Bird, NP PB1502P Lilac Lining, NP R1339T Fairy Lights, NP R1333P Aster Petal, NP PB1460P Lighthearted, NP PB1501P Purple Tide, NP R1338D Rose Velvet, NP PB1420D Pure Addiction, NP PB1461T Evening Dresses, NP PB1500T Purplettes, NP AC2081A Pizazz, NP PB1429D Painter Attic, NP PB1462D Gala Glitter, NP PB1485D Blue Triumph, NP R1332T Pink Bouquet, NP PB1427T Razzle Dazzle, NP PB1476T Lady Di, NP PB1507T Blue Epic, NP R1314P Cocktail, NP PB1430P Ophelia Song, NP PB1475P Dear Diary, NP PB1528P Blue Rhythm, NP R1327P Iris Pink, NP PB1439P Soft Melody, NP PB1474P Royal Mist, NP PB1530P Yours Truly, NP YO1138P Softly Lit, NP YO1139P Morning Dawn, NP YO1243P Delicate Peach, NP YO1222P Little Cupcakes, NP YO1129T Glory Yellow, NP YO1150T Desert Fire, NP YO1192P Happy Day, NP YO1223P Soft Cushion, NP YO1113A Absolute Yellow, NP YO1149D Golden Dome, NP YO1198D Orange Bedder, NP YO1219T Being peach, NP YO1134A Circus Top, NP YO1184D Field Daisy, NP YO1204A Orange Torch, NP YO1225A Party Time, NP YO1108T Pontenitilla, NP YO1161T Perk Me Up, NP YO1206T Buffy Orange, NP R1259T Just Divine, NP YO1103P Slight Embrace, NP YO1152P Yellow Glove, NP YO1207P Peachy Pink, NP YO1228P Orange Magix, NP YO1095P Ixora, NP OW1013P Sun Glint, NP YO1215P Sweet Peach, NP R1257P Sweet Dreams


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