,, SGD $25.00SGD $85.00

Get a solid foundation with Jotashield Primer. Its Acrylic-based primer has excellent alkaline resistance and has superb adhesion properties for long lasting coating. Available in white only.

  • Alkaline Resistance
  • Superb Adhesion
  • Water Resistant
  • Formulated Without Harmful Chemical
  • Green Product (Meets Singapore Green Label Certification)

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, SGD $38.00SGD $100.00
  • Excellent Paint Adhesion
  • Anti Efflorescence & Anti Discolouration
  • Suitable for Fresh Concrete
  • Alkaline Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Formulated without Harmful Chemicals
  • Green Product (Meets Singapore Green Label Certification)

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, SGD $60.00

Product description

This is a two component, polyamide cured, high molecular weight epoxy coating. Designed as a primer for new
construction. Can be used as primer as a part of a complete system in atmospheric and immersed environments.
Suitable for properly prepared carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, concrete, galvanised steel, shop primed
steel and thermally sprayed zinc substrates.

Suitable for structural steel and piping to be exposed to corrosive environments up to very high and immersed.
Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings and mining equipment.

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Cito Primer 09

, SGD $10.00SGD $120.00

Great for use on concrete or masonry surfaces. This is the best primer for any situation in your home. Jotun Cito Primer 09 has a unique formula with a superior substrate penetration property, making it ideal for both interior and exterior usage around your home. Available in white only.

  • Excellent Alkaline Resistance.
  • Extremely Good Penetration
  • Excellent Adhesion

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Gardex Primer

, SGD $12.00SGD $40.00

Gardex Primer is a fast-drying, low odour primer for wood and metal surfaces that provides excellent adhesion between surfaces. Specially formulated to increase the lifespan and allow the beauty of the surface to last longer. Available in white only.

  • Low Odour
  • Fast Drying
  • Extra Protection against rust
  • Improve topcoat appearance and durability
  • Minimise paint cracks

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Jotaplast Primer – 20L

, SGD $70.00

Recommended Use:
For use on interior surfaces, I.E concrete, masonry surfaces, walls, ceilings and soft board surfaces.

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, SGD $10.00SGD $35.00

Inspire your home with beautiful and enchanting walls. Majestic Primer is low in odour and provides a lasting finish and delivers brilliant paint results.

Majestic Primer is a premium EcoHealth primer that prepares interior walls for a smooth and optimal paint application. Majestic primer has ultra low VOC, low odour and is 100% free from harmful chemicals such as APEO, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

*This product is Singapore Green Label certified.

Available in white only.

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